Fashion Exhibition

Hello Beauties!

On June 16th, I had the pleasure of being the lead Makeup Artist for Bryan Osburn’s LA NUIT ENCHANTEE Fashion Exhibition. It took place at the luxurious  Artspace 8 Gallery in the 900 N Michigan building here in Chicago,IL. And when I tell you it was gorgeous… OMG! It was gorgeous! I can’t explain how awesome it feels to watch the progression of your work. I’ve been a professional artist for about 4 years now and the more I work, the more I see my skill set improve. So, this blog is dedicated to all of my clients and viewers with a dream… Keep growing and learning, no matter how hard the obstacle may be. Just go for it!

Here are a few photos of my work, from the lens of photographer David Shepherd!


Jasmyne E’lise

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