My First NYFW!

Greetings Beauties!

I am thrilled to share my first experience at New York Fashion Week with you all. I had the opportunity to join the April Love Pro Makeup Academy with the fashion platform Art Hearts Fashion February 9-11, 2018. Two weeks prior to the event, I was notified that I would be apart of the team. Nervousness and anxiety quickly came over me. Am I good enough? Will the other artist like me? Then I remembered that I wouldn’t have been referred or selected if I wasn’t talented. So I paid my airfare, rented an Airbnb, packed my bags and I was on my way to The Big Apple without looking back.

Fortunately for me, I was able to catch up with old college friends before my first day of work. I had a great time chatting and dancing the night away.  The next morning, I woke up with a knot in my stomach. I couldn’t believe it… I’m working NYFW… In REAL Life! I walked into the Angel Orensanz Center with an open mind. I unpacked my kit and started to set up… Before I knew it, the models were walking in. It was literally like a reality show or something; Total Makeup Boot Camp… Do You Have What It Takes? lol Our Lead Makeup Artists April & Jen checked our progress and made sure we were getting each look done quickly and flawlessly! Every once in a while, April would ask artist to assist backstage for makeup touchups. She requested that I help during the Project Cancerland Show Featuring Ana Ono Intimates. I was so inspired by the women and stories that were presented. All of the models were cancer survivors and were proud to show off their battle scars. In that moment I realized that I was exactly where I was meant to be. I’m a Makeup Artist from Chicago, accomplishing my goals, and inspiring others to do the same. I still feel my heart flutter when a client or model looks into the mirror for the first time and love what she sees! NYFW owes me NOTHING! I look forward to working again in September… Its going to be awesome.



Makeup Show Chicago Review

The Makeup Show was AMAZING!

If you’re a fellow Makeup Artist, I strongly urge you to attend. This year, it took place on June 18 & 19, at Revel in Fulton Market… And this time I invited a MUA Friend, Kimberly Black to enjoy the festivities with me.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Lujan, Roshar, and Orlando Santiago. These are some of the most talented, down to earth, and knowledgeable artists in the industry. 

On Sunday June 18th, I took two classes. The first was the Makeup Forever: Kit Must Haves class, led by Nick Lujan. I had the opportunity to interact with him and ask questions about different products. Attendees were also able to touch and swatch products to learn how they complement and react to our skin. My only negative review about the class is that I wish it was longer. I wanted to learn more! 

Later, I took the hands-on class Makeup for Photography taught by Orlando Santiago. He discussed how to create glowing flawless skin and add depth. We were able to watch a demonstration and use some of the techniques he taught us with a partner. Of course Kimberly and I were partners! We both had 45 minuets to do a full makeup application. The toughest part of the class is selecting amongst the array of products provided. There were so many foundations, eyeshadows, eyeliners, setting sprays, liquid illuminators, glow kits etc etc etc. I couldn’t make up my mind! Needless to say, that process soaked up majority of my 45 minuet limit. I truly enjoyed the class and look forward to taking more next time and possibly working for one of the many brands that were there.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of parking availability around the venue, I couldn’t attend the second day. I circled the neighborhood for nearly an hour, hoping that a parking space would pop up. Next year… I’m taking public transportation! 

Beauties Be Bold Today!

And Happy 4th of July 


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